WINNER 2010 

"Beatrice is a warrior woman, even at the age of twelve, and an inspiring heroine… readers will soar with the character’s triumphs and be moved by the defeats that remain rooted in history.” A.L.A.N. Pick

"The novel sweeps the reader through the wild landscape of Montana in winter as the two siblings struggle to survive and outwit villainous army officers who are tracking them. Readers will be fascinated with the skills and knowledge Beatrice has held on to in spite of her schooling and how well Lionel learns from her."  - VOYA

“This beautifully written story depicts a vivid sense of place and reflects the attitudes of the time toward Native Americans.”  - Durango Herald​​

​"I highly recommend this interesting historical fiction novel. There is unusual flow to the story, which moves along like a slow river, just so you can enjoy the view. The author seamlessly blends elements of Blackfoot culture and history without being too obtrusive. If fact, students may learn just enough to spur an interest, and you may find them back in the library wanting to learn more.” - Kiss the Book Review

"Suspenseful and beautifully-written, this novel takes readers on an unforgettable journey through the wilderness of Montana in the early 1900s.” - Children’s Book Council

"Thus begins a beautifully written story full of adventure and danger and sweetness. I wanted to live with Beatrice and Lionel on their little homestead forever. Not only is this just a great read, it would also be a perfect book for a kid’s  book club or school project. Good for boys and girls, roughly - ages 9 to 12". - Queen Anne Books 

"Crowley has created an excellent combination of adventure and historical fiction with a diverse cast of memorable characters. 4 out of 5 Stars "  - Deb Woodmont Reviews